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> ...
> Now, you would need to get two pubkeys to the payer, throw in a prefix to
> help standardize it, and end up with addresses that could look like (for
> example):
> xSTLxsn59oaupR6ZKt2yddQ4dp5hcFinnTWkvsDiXtHgAEDg5ajNVzTY8MMQsmqnEn3ZMKxQzrfC3pDimfTWMkiUb7x3jX3J26JSX
> tSTLcpwzupCFL3maVZkSiB9ib3BXsCAfkhMLgckQEyoj8Tk83ANzofeuDdbX6bSPqNRfACLLFYK8EwVo1jdjxNDFNDWxhnQiAy4ba

No, please. Make it easy for non-geeks, extend the payment protocol, or
we'll spend the next two years writing code that tries to ignore linebreaks
and spaces and changing <input> elements in HTML forms to <textarea> ....

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