On Mon, 27 Jan 2014 03:59:25 -0800, Andreas Schildbach  
<andr...@schildbach.de> wrote:

> For scan-to-pay, the current landscape looks different. I assume at
> least 50% of Bitcoin transactions are initiated by a BIP21 URL encoded
> into a QR-code. Nevertheless, I tried to encode a payment request into
> the bitcoin URL. I used my existing work on encoding transactions into
> QR-codes. Steps to encode:

Really interesting work. When using scan-to-pay, after the payer scans the  
QR code with the protobuf PaymentRequest (not a URL to download the  
PaymentRequest) are they using their own connectivity to submit the  
Payment response?

If we assume connectivity on the phone, might as well just get a URL from  
the QR code and re-use existing infrastructure for serving that?

How about putting a Bluetooth address in the payment_url inside the  
PaymentDetails message for the smartphone to send back the Payment  
response and get PaymentAck?

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