On 03/13/2014 01:24 PM, Mike Hearn wrote:
>     Using milli- and micro- notation for currency units is also not very
>     well supported. Last time this thread was active, I believe there
>     was a
>     suggestion to use 1 XBT == 1 uBTC.
> Unfortunately I think some people already started using XBT to mean
> the same as BTC (another ship that sailed: somehow Bhutan will have to
> live with it). So if some software started to redefine it to mean
> something else, that seems like a recipe for accidentally sending far
> too much or too little money by mistake.

There is also the benefit that if someone screws up BTC and uBTC, it's
likely to fail.  Most people don't have 1e6 times as much money in their
wallet as they attempted to send in a single transaction.  Similarly,
sending one-millionth of what you meant to is likely invalid or below
the dust limit. 

Well it looks like the consensus is to do it, instead of talking about
it.  I'm going to make sure we get uBTC into the next Armory release. 
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