> You would only need to change it if there was a sub-satoshi hardfork,
> which doesn't seem necessary anytime soon.


We shouldn't make any assumptions about the future price of bitcoin to make
> the decision.

Hmmm ;) Didn't you just make an assumption about the future price?

> This sounds very US-centric to me. Aren't you thinking in usd?

The currencies I'm familiar with are CHF, USD, EUR and GBP, which all have
roughly similar values. I guess such currencies make up the bulk of the
Bitcoin userbase at the moment.

> "People seem to like mBTC" is just an ad populum fallacy: millions of
> flies can actually be wrong. Also you haven't showed them micros,
> maybe they like it too.

Saying "it's already popular and would take work to change" is not really a
fallacy now, is it?

But anyway, this is getting silly. You don't have to convince me. Go visit
all the services I listed above, plus all the ones I didn't find in my five
minutes of searching, and convince them they're wrong like the flies and
switching is the best use of their time :o
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