Maybe he has a fork on the real and the link was a mistake.

I think it's possible that 'Kevin' is for real and maybe he doesn't realize he 
linked to a phishing site, if it was an accident.  If this is the same person, 
then he's blind, and maybe that's why he wrote 'U R L' instead of the usual 
'URL', by using speech to text or some other assistive tech.  It might be that 
he tried to fork and just provided the wrong link.  
But regardless, stay away from the one with two Bs in it.


On Apr 2, 2014, at 3:59 PM, Kevin <> wrote:

> On 4/2/2014 11:45 AM, Ricardo Filipe wrote:
>> Kevin,
>> the thing is you gave us a bad link... what is the correct URL of your 
>> project?
>> 2014-04-02 16:30 GMT+01:00 Kevin <>:
>>> On 4/2/2014 11:13 AM, Laszlo Hanyecz wrote:
>>>> Maybe this site serves up exploits selectively?  I'm guessing most people 
>>>> are getting the 'domain for sale' but whoever is the target probably gets 
>>>> something special?
>>>> On Apr 2, 2014, at 2:53 PM, Kevin <> wrote:
>>>>> On 4/2/2014 9:08 AM, Jeff Garzik wrote:
>>>>>> At first, this is a poor choice of URL.
>>>>>> But it really looks like a phishing attempt that no one should visit.
>>>>>> On Tue, Apr 1, 2014 at 4:00 PM, Kevin <> wrote:
>>>>>>> I've sat on this for some time after starting this.  I have forked this
>>>>>>> from bitcoin core and am working on a secure tax "mode" for bitcoin.  It
>>>>>>> is written in Autoit.  I know I know, scripting language alert!  I would
>>>>>>> like people to look at:
>>>>>>> Look at it, and let's have an open dialog about it.  I want to know the
>>>>>>> good, the bad, and the ugly!
>>>>>>> --
>>>>>>> Kevin
>>>>>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>>>> _______________________________________________
>>>>>>> Bitcoin-development mailing list
>>>>> As far as choice of U R L, it may be a poor choice but I did this
>>>>> because I wanted it connected with the core.  As far as fishing it
>>>>> certainly is not that!  This is a serious project.
>>>>> --
>>>>> Kevin
>>>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>> _______________________________________________
>>>>> Bitcoin-development mailing list
>>> I tell you that this is a serious project for bitcoin.  You are free to
>>> assume the worst.  After all, I did say the good the bad and the ugly
>>> would come out of this.  I happen to be a big believer in bitcoin and I
>>> feel this project holds water.  If you disagree, that's fine.
>>> --
>>> Kevin
>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> _______________________________________________
>>> Bitcoin-development mailing list
> I understand now why someone thought I was fishing.  That link should work 
> just fine...I'm not sure what the problem is as I know I forked correctly.  I 
> guess I'll need to register a domain for it an get a page going and link from 
> there.  I just haven't gotten around to it but will do that.  I'll get going! 
>  Just know that I would never set up fishing; that's not my style.
> -- 
> Kevin

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