> Have you seen the padded order-based coloring scheme worked out here?
> https://github.com/bitcoinx/colored-coin-tools/wiki/colored_coins_intro

Just to clarify, a variant of padded order-based coloring called epobc is
already implemented in coloredcoinlib (which is used by
ngcccbase/ChromaWallet). It isn't document yet, however.
The idea is to use the otherwise unused nSequence field of first input to
specify padding and differentiate between genesis and transfer transactions.
Padding can be chosen for each transaction individually and can be set to

Python code is here (I recommend waiting for documentation, though):


It is able to work with transactions with multiple colored and uncolored
outputs, particularly, p2ptrade transactions.

Examples of p2ptrade transactions on mainnet:
looks quite a bit weird, I know.)
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