Pretty simple really: service bit NODE_BLOOM is defined to allow nodes
to advertise to their peers that they support bloom filters. The network
protocol version number is also bumped. Recommended behavior for nodes
that do not support bloom is to simply disconnect peers who send a
filter* message anyway to let them quickly find another peer.

Rational: Bloom filters are not always supported or appropriate. For
instance no node implementation other than Bitcoin Core supports them,
e.g btcd and obelisk. (which ironically implement this BIP already,
modulo the version number bump) In the long term bloom filters will be
obsoleted eventually as they have poor scaling properties - problematic
with blocksize increases - and are incompatible with UTXO/TXO
commitments, which will use prefix-based filtering instead. (already
being implemented in electrum and obelisk)

In the short term bloom filters have high IO loads, which have lead to
DoS attacks, and are not an optimal use of resources for nodes which are
IO constrained rather than bandwidth constrained. (common in VPS setups
which could better help the network by serving full blocks)

Adding NODE_BLOOM as a service bit now will save us some hassle later
down the road, reflects what actual implementations do anyway, has been
already deployed on Litecoin, Dogecoin, and a zillion other alts with no
issues, (including SPV client support) and is a trivial patch.

Gregory Maxwell: Please assign a BIP #


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