Advertising NODE BLOOM as a service sounds good.

But the critique of bloom filters, I am not so sure prefix filters are
better.  Prefix filters offer questionable privacy tradeoffs in my opinion. 
Same problem as with stealth address proposed use of prefixes.

All for scalability, efficiency and decentralization but not ideally at the
expense of nuking privacy.  The effects on privacy are cumulative, and
affect everyone not just the user.  Same pattern of local decision, global
effect as with reused addresses.


On Fri, Jun 06, 2014 at 04:19:33AM -0400, Peter Todd wrote:
>In the short term bloom filters have high IO loads, which have lead to
>DoS attacks, and are not an optimal use of resources for nodes which are
>IO constrained rather than bandwidth constrained. (common in VPS setups
>which could better help the network by serving full blocks)

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