You did not address me but libbitcoin. Since our story and your evaluation is 
probably similar, I chime in.

On Feb 14, 2015, at 2:13 PM, Peter Todd <> wrote:

> So stop wasting your time. Help get the consensus critical code out of
> Bitcoin Core and into a stand-alone libconsensus library,

We have seen that the consensus critical code practically extends to Berkley DB 
limits or OpenSSL laxness, therefore
it is inconceivable that a consensus library is not the same as Bitcoin Core, 
less its P2P service rules, wallet and RPC server.

On Feb 14, 2015, at 2:13 PM, Peter Todd <> wrote:
> Or you can be stereotypical programmers and dick around on github for
> the next ten years chasing stupid consensus bugs in code no-one uses.

The Core code base is unfriendly to feature extensions because of its 
criticality, legacy design and ancient technology. It is also a commodity
that the ecosystem takes for granted and free. 

I honestly admire the core team that works and progresses within these limits 
and perception.

I am not willing to work within the core’s legacy technology limits. Does it 
mean I am dicking around? I think not.
It was my way to go down the rabbit hole by re-digging it and I created 
successful commercial products on the way.

It is entirely rational for me to focus on innovation that uses the core as a 
border router for this block chain. 

I am rather thankful for the ideas of the side chains, that enable innovation 
that is no longer measured on unapologetic compatibility with a given code 
base, but its services to end user.

Tamas Blummer
Bits of Proof

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