On Wed, May 27, 2015 at 12:29:28AM +0300, s7r wrote:
> What is wrong with the man testing some ideas on his custom branch? This
> is how improvements come to life. I saw in the BIPs some really
> interesting ideas and nice brainstorming which came from Peter Todd.
> Now, my question, if replace by fee doesn't allow me to change the
> inputs or the outputs, I can only add outputs... what can I do with this
> feature? If I sent a tx and want to replace it with a higher fee one,
> the higher fee one can only have maybe additional change addresses or
> another payment, if the inputs suffice? Do we have any real use cases?

You're a bit mistaken there: standard RBF lets you change anything, and
FSS RBF lets you modify inputs and add outputs and/or make the value of
outputs higher.

> P.S. is it planned to include this by default in bitcoin core 10.0.3 or
> it will remain just on Peter's branch?

Any significant change to mempool policy like RBF is very unlikely to be
incorporated in the Bitcoin Core v0.10.x branch, simply because it'd be
too large a change for a minor, mostly bugfix, release.

Having said that, I already maintain a standard RBF branch for v0.10.x,
and have been asked by a major minor to backport FSS RBF for v0.10.x as


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