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> As I believe out of all proposed protocols Satoshi's is still the most
> powerful, I would suggest that any change to the semantics on nSequence be
> gated by a high bit or something, so the original meaning remains available
> if/when resource scheduling and update flood damping are implemented. That
> way people can try it out and if miners are breaking things too frequently
> by ignoring the chronological ordering people can abandon protocols that
> rely on it, and if they aren't they can proceed and benefit from the
> greater flexibility.
Mike, this proposal was purposefully constructed to maintain as well as
possible the semantics of Satoshi's original construction. Higher sequence
numbers -- chronologically later transactions -- are able to hit the chain
earlier, and therefore it can be reasonably argued will be selected by
miners before the later transactions mature. Did I fail in some way to
capture that original intent?
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