> Mike, this proposal was purposefully constructed to maintain as well as
> possible the semantics of Satoshi's original construction. Higher sequence
> numbers -- chronologically later transactions -- are able to hit the chain
> earlier, and therefore it can be reasonably argued will be selected by
> miners before the later transactions mature. Did I fail in some way to
> capture that original intent?

Right, but the original protocol allowed for e.g. millions of revisions of
the transaction, hence for high frequency trading (that's actually how
Satoshi originally explained it to me - as a way to do HFT - back then the
channel concept didn't exist).

As you point out, with a careful construction of channels you should only
need to bump the sequence number when the channel reverses direction. If
your app only needs to do that rarely, it's a fine approach.And your
proposal does sounds better than sequence numbers being useless like at the
moment. I'm just wondering if we can get back to the original somehow or at
least leave a path open to it, as it seems to be a superset of all other
proposals, features-wise.
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