Thanks for testing this clarifying things about PGP/MIME and I apologize for wasting your time with it. It looks like a SPAM filtering service I use is re-writing some parts of some plain text messages with some special/alternate encoding characters (not sure what it really is). Anyway, if I manually export/import a message from gmane (bypassing my e-mail SPAM filter), thunderbird/enigmail is not having problems verifying signatures. I guess I never realized this before because all other signed messages I normally receive are encrypted and the SPAM filter does not mess with non plain text data.

Andy Schroder

On 06/10/2015 03:43 PM, Peter Todd wrote:
On Wed, Jun 10, 2015 at 03:36:42PM -0400, Andy Schroder wrote:
It's possible that the enigmail extension is not working right, but
I was under the impression that it is just feeding data to gpg and
then receiving the response back. It's possible that your e-mail you
just checked was not sent through mailman since I also replied
directly to you explicitly (in which case the message has not been
modified) and you probably have the setting in the mailing list set
to not send duplicate messages if you are an explicit TO. I just
deleted all explicit TOs for this message, so everyone should be
receiving it through the mailing list and not directly. Is the
signature still valid for you now? I think enigmail can handle
It has perfectly valid signatures, as do your earlier messages to the

messages with some signed and unsigned content, and maybe PGP/MIME
inherently does not support this and a mailing list re-writing parts
of messages is an expected action? If this message re-writing is an
expected action and I'm correct that PGP/MIME does not support
partially signed content, then maybe it is just a recommendation for
this mailing list to not use PGP/MIME for messages sent to the list?
PGP/MIME definitely does support partially signed content.

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