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> > > It could be done by agreeing on a data format and encoding it in an
> > > op_return output in the coinbase transaction. If it catches on it could
> > > later be enforced with a soft fork.
> > >
> > >
> > Sounds plausible, except SPV protocols would need to include this
> coinbase
> > txn if it's going to help SPV clients. (Until a softfork is activated,
> > clients should not rely on this encoding, since until that time the
> results
> > can be fabricated by individual miners.)
> Fee stats can always be fabricated by individual miners because fees can
> be paid out-of-band.
This is a point I hadn't considered carefully before. I don't understand
the marketplace here or why miners would want to move fees outside of
explicit inband fees. Implicit in this proposal is that the statistics only
cover in-band data, because that's the scope of consensus rules, and thus
the proposal is only as useful as the information of in-band fees is useful.

I've also noticed a detracting technical argument given a particular

A Header-PoW-verifying client could still be given all transactions in a
recent block, from which it can see the in-band fees directly.  The
trade-off is the size of those transactions versus the need to alter any
consensus rules or do soft forks.

Notice how this trade-off's costs change with maximum block size.

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