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> *List Name?*  Would people prefer "bitcoin-development" for he new list
> name instead of a shorter name like "bitcoin-dev"?  I personally like the
> shorter name, but either is fine.
> https://lists.linuxfoundation.org/mailman/listinfo currently has
> "sidechains-dev", and "lightning-dev" is moving there sometime soon.

We're going ahead with "bitcoin-dev".  A request for creation is now

> *Proposed Cut-Off Date?*  Then we also need to agree on a date to cut off
> the old list.  Their sysadmin said we could have the new list auto-post
> from the old list for a short while.  I wonder how well that works ... if
> that will result in double posting if people write to the new and CC the
> old list.  Needs a little research how well it would behave to have both
> lists operating during a transition period.  I think we should announce a
> cut-off date when posts to the old list is shut off, July 15th, one month
> from now.  Thoughts?

Off-list I heard a suggestion to make the cut-off date as short as one week
after the new list is announced and people are given the option to
subscribe.  Could people please post feelings about this?

It seems most everyone agreed not to auto-subscribe everyone onto the new
list as that tends to be upsetting.

There is clarity if subscribing the old list to the new list is a good
idea.  Is anyone familiar with Mailman, is it smart enough to somehow
prevent double-posts if someone writes to both the old and new address?

Warren Togami
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