Please no GoogleGroups. Stick with mailman or some other open
source thing you can move around from place to place as needed.

Also, online third party archives die, their web interfaces suck
ass, they're bloated, don't export, aren't offline capable or
authoritative, etc.

You need to make the raw archives (past and future) downloadable
in mbox format and updated daily, with full unobfuscated headers
for threading and replying, with signatures and attachments.
Commonly for newcomers wishing to seed their own MUA's and archives,
mirrors, search, and so on.

One such breakage of archives by mailman defaults was discussed and
corrected here:

You also need to get rid of the tag in the subject, it wastes
valuable space and mail filters work just the same without it.

Please no "forums" (see suck above). Unless they have bidirectional
realtime message copying between list and forum. Or at least make
available exports of their message database.

Further, when will the crypto P2P communities develop and use
distributed messaging systems... bitmessage, blockchain, etc as
rough examples... to avoid old centralized issues. At some point you
have to start eating your own dog food and make people run the
clients and come to you instead. Disruptive tech is the new good.

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