After discussions in #bitcoin-dev in the past day we decided it would be a
bad idea to link the old and new lists in some way during a transition
period.  We decided we are better off announcing the switchover very soon,
and after that point all posts to the old list will be rejected with a
message telling them where to find the new list.

The proposed switchover will be on Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015.  We will know
an exact scheduled time for the move probably tomorrow.  At the time of the
switchover, the old list will reject all messages, archives will be
exported and imported into the new list server, then the new list will be
Please subscribe now and feel free to make test posts.  We are testing
configuration options to fix some long standing spam filter-related
issues.  Any posts to the new list prior to the final switchover will be
wiped from the archives.

If you have opinions on this, please join us in Freenode #bitcoin-dev and
talk to warren.

Warren Togami
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