On 08/04/2017 05:33 AM, Dennis Fantoni wrote:
> On Thursday, 3 August 2017 04:10:13 UTC+2, Dennis Fantoni wrote:
>     i tried to use wallet-tool  dump --dumpprivkeys --password=spendingpin
>     but the resulting text file does not seem to have anything that i
>     could identify as something that could be used with importprivkey in
>     a core wallet.
> My preliminary results indicate that if you specify
> --password=spendingpin then there will be no private keys in the output
> even if the spendingpin is correct.
> However, if i create a new backup from bitcoin wallet where i have
> removed the spending pin  and then use wallet-tool dump --dumpprivkeys
> without the --password= command, then the private keys show up.

Thanks, indeed this functionality is broken. It has been filed as


You can use decrypt to decrypt your wallet first, then dump, then
encrypt it again. (Yes, this will make the plaintext version of your
wallet hit your harddrive.)

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