I was not aware that the number of ABB sheep were ever that low. Thanks for the info. Also I have a meeting the first of next month with one of the owners of the Mt Hope Auction, I'll pass on this email on to him.


On 12/26/2014 1:46 PM, Carol Elkins wrote:
And that is why the Barbados Blackkbelly almost became extinct in the U.S. The average person didn't realize that there were two separate breeds. Everyone was calling the horned breed "Barbados Blackbelly," leading us to believe that there were plenty of BB sheep. In fact, in 2004, there were only 100 BB sheep in the U.S.

When we started educating the public about the different breeds and and teaching breeders to use the correct breed name for the sheep they sold ("barbado" is not a breed name), BB numbers increased; we now have over 1700 registered BB sheep.

In addition, educating the public about the difference in breeds ensures that a person will be able to buy the breed that they actually want and not contaminate their flock with genetics from the unwanted breed. No one wants their beautiful horned American Blackbelly flock to suddenly start producing rams with short horns or scurs because they accidentally bought some "barbado" ewes at auction that turned out to be Barbados Blackbelly.

The whole reason this email group was started in 2004 was to help educate breeders about the difference in breeds and to provide a resource to breeders of both breeds. It is up to the breeders to try to force a change in policy at their local auctions and explain that it is unethical to sell a sheep as one thing when it is in fact another.


At 11:18 AM 12/26/2014, you wrote:
At the Mt Hope Auction there is no distinction between Barbados Blackbelly or American Blackbelly, they are all Barbado. I quit trying to explain the difference.

Carol Elkins
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