Wow, this was a really great video.  Now that you show it again, I remember the 
original, but I didn't remember how LARGE all three rams were.  What in the 
world do you do to get such big sheep?  My American Blackbellies are much 
thinner, so that I cross them with Dorpers to get larger lambs!

Rick Krach
in Auburn, CA 

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> no lambs this year--so not much news, but so far I seem to have treated the
> couple of sheep that were real thin and might have been suffering from
> Coryne, using gobs of penicillin ( my local vets recommendation).
> here's a movie that might have some frames you can grab that are decent. I
> might have the master movie at work, could try to get a cleaner version of
> a frame or two, there
> -Michael, Perino Ranch Blackbellies

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