#10347: New bundle package for Xorg protocols
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Comment (by ken@…):

 Now 2018.2 -

 This release fixes various version numbers and include paths, corrects
 an error in the RANDR specification, and adds the meson build system
 which was erroneously left out of 2018.1.

 Adam Jackson (6):
       meson: Fix xf86driproto.pc
       presentproto: Fix version number (1.1 not 1.0)
       kbproto: Fix version number (1.0.7 not 1.0.6)
       xproto: Bump to 7.0.32
       autotools: Distribute the meson build system
       xorgproto 2018.2

 Giuseppe Bilotta (1):
       randr: MONITORINFO has outputs, not crtcs

 git tag: xorgproto-2018.2


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