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> De: Bruce Dubbs
> Assunto: Re: [blfs-dev] gegl-0.2.0 and (gtk-?)doc
> Para: "BLFS Development List" <blfs-dev@linuxfromscratch.org>
> Data: Domingo, 4 de Novembro de 2012, 22:58

> Perhaps we should promote gtk-doc to recommended, but I can
> see where 
> users really don't care about installing the
> documentation.  Some 
> packages will assume it, but others not.  The only
> other solution I can 
> see is to address the issue package by package as needed.

Bruce, I think your simple solution is best: "promote gtk-doc to recommended", 
with a small parenthesis telling about possible future install problems, if not 
installed, or something like that.

Thanks for the attention.

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