On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 09:52:49AM -0800, Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> I have just reinstalled midori-0.4.6, and the icons came back. Upgraded
> again to 0.4.7, icons are gone as before.
> These icons are important for me, as they show explicitly the allowance of
> scripts and mozilla plugins, between other information.

 Sorry, all I can say is "here be dragons".  Some months ago, when
Andy was still with us, I installed whatever was then current,
probably 0.4.6 (the book was on the previous version), and had a
blank or 'X' instead of one of the icons.  Suggestions, particularly
from Andy and Armin, should be in the archives, probably for
-support, but they none worked for me.

 At the moment I've dropped midori (and I'm not building anything
new for the moment), but I might have to revisit it, so I'll just
have to wish you luck with this.

 ISTR that I sort of identified which icon was needed [ details in
the archives, if I'm right ], but never got any further.  Possibly,
your problem is very different from mine, because my only problem
was a missing image.

 Best wishes.

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