Just a note to mention that Freetype recently changed its header folder
layout from...





Anyway, I'm building a new BLFS system from a recent development version of
the book and so far a couple of packages (not mentioned in the book) failed
to build because of Freetype's headers (or their own failure to find them).
The first time I fiddled with the package's source files. When it happened a
second time, I recreated that erstwhile freetype subfolder and copied the
contents of freetype2 there, too. There's probably some more elegant way,
but it's working.

I guess it's not your responsibility to deal with merely a potential issue
caused by a "third party's" source code's inadequacy. I still thought
perhaps one of those warning or note boxes, for a while, might help some
poor slob (me) figure out why something looking for Freetype didn't go.


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