I have found 2 sources for pax:
- the mirbsd package, debianised by Debian (the "orig" I put in the 
ticket). It does not build as is, because the debian "rules" (a makefile 
actually) are shipped separately, and those rules use heavily the debian 
packaging system. So we would first have to make a package and put it on 
anduin. Also, According to some internet sources, the mirbsd pax program 
does not provide the pax format (?), and so, does not pass the lsb tests.
- the heirloom package. You have to download the full heirloom 
"toolchest" (not a big deal, it is just 1MB), then edit a config file (I 
think a couple of sed's is enough), then issue various make commands (if 
you do not want to build the whole toolchest). It seems more doable, but 
I may miss some pros and cons, so I ask on this list whether there are 
issues with the heirloom package (it does not seem to be much used by 


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