Fernando de Oliveira wrote:
> Em 29-03-2014 08:13, Pierre Labastie escreveu:
>> Hi,
>> A couple of months ago, Fernando added a page for the java binary
>> installation, which is nice, since it separates the java binary setting from
>> the OpenJDK installation.
> Pierre, only recently, I started updating java or the book. Before me,
> many other devs took care of those pages. Bruce was the one who
> separated the binary from the OJDK. So, instructions, references,
> titles, were all made by others, not me.
> I noticed you always think it was me, but I have made little things
> only, there.

LOL.  Of course people think it was you.  You do so much it is easy to 
generalize to think you do everything.  Sometime I think that too. :)

And I think we all appreciate the tremendous amount of work you do.

> So, please, when you refer to those pages, always think about many devs,
> including at least DJ (who replaced JDK by OJDK) and Bruce, who made
> major changes afterwards. I do not recall at the moment if other people
> have also touched those pages.
>> However, the java binary is versioned, while the page in the book has
>> unversioned title and xreflabel. Furthermore, the various sect2 are lacking
>> any "role" attributes, so that the layout is pretty different form other 
>> pages
>> in the book.
>> The attached patch allows to add this information.
>> I you agree, I can commit it, but I do not want to change what Fernando has
>> done without knowing what he thinks first.
> I think this is Bruce, who will answer you.

It's fine Pierre.  Go ahead.

   -- Bruce
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