After just on two weeks and many rebuilds later I can say that we ARE
able to install gnome on top of a base linux from scratch SYSTEMD build.

There are not really that many changes required to get it running nicely
if you use their build tool (jhbuild).  Using this tool it installs
gnome to a /opt/gnome directory, and it really isolates the build and
only installs within that environment, so there is no way that it can
break a users system, unless they try and deviate from building within
its "sandboxed" environment and install it to the /usr tree.  

I tried going through the normal installation of installing the source
tar balls to /opt/gnome and failed.  The installation of telepathy-glib
is a real odd-ball, as it installs to nested sub directories and
pkgconfig is unable to correctly read from it for other programs that
require it, even if you go through and specify it on the ./configure

The one thing that remains broken is GDM (gnome display manager).  It
will not start up even though all of the permissions are set up
correctly, and the developers only seem interested in making sure that
it works in a red hat environment as red hat have thrown vast sums of
money their way and all the gnome documentation on line states that it
works on the latest red hat.  That is a real shame that open source can
be bought off like that, as red hat is a corporation that does sell
enterprise software and just happens to have a free version as well.

I have gotten gnome to start up using lxdm as the display manager at
boot time.

There are issues with the version of atk, that are installed if you go
through the BLF book and install the gnome packages and not the full
gnome using the build tool.  The versions need to match what jhbuild
uses, else when it comes to linking, even though it is in a sandbox
build environment, it still sources some files from those installed on
the system, and linking will fail.  I had to work with several
developers to track down just what was causing the build failures.

Also the XORG developers have made changes to fontsproto and to the
server itself.  They are now available as a release tar ball, and they
are the stable version.

I have the gnome-3.12 series installed.  I am more than willing to share
the changes that are required to be made to the modulesets that jhbuild
uses as well as provide the jhbuildrc that I have used to get a working
gnome environment.  I am willing, if this is something that the
development team is wanting to be added to a systemd version of BLFS to
learn the svn tree and at least make a draft copy of it for discussion
purposes to see if it is what you want added.  I am not entirely sure
when or if it has been marked as a RELEASE version, as details are
rather sketchy on gnomes site.  I think that some of the pit-falls that
I came across could be avoided by installing only xorg after a base lfs
systemd build and using jhbuild to build gnome, which will pull in the
dependencies of atk and its family.

I am willing to try again and build gnome from tar balls, but with the
failure to do so this time round, it may not be possible without a LOT
of changes.

Please let me know what you think.



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