This is what I now propose to do, to fix the build and to ensure
that the DESTDIR gets blown away when the user deletes the source:




This causes tools to be linked to the libLLVM shared library
and also ensures that llvm-config will correctly use

(and add an entity for 6.0 because llvm-config reports that rather
than 6.0.0 and we don't want to refer to 6.0 when 7.0.0 arrives in
the book)


before the build add

export RUSTFLAGS="$RUSTFLAGS -C link-args=-lffi"

Command explanation:

On some systems, linking fails to include libffi unless this is used.
The reasons are not clear.

Change the DESTDIR install to create and use 'install' in the source
directory.  This removes the need to know what the absolute PATH is.

DESTDIR=${PWD}/install ./ install

The real install then becomes:

chown -R root:root install
cp -a install/* /

The reference to DESTDIR in the Estimated disk space can be removed.

This makes it a little less of a conventional DESTDIR so perhaps the
Note at the top should be reworded slightly to:

Unusually, a DESTDIR-style method ...
and change
Using a DESTDIR method saves 30 SBU
This saves 30 SBU

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