On a new build I always use fluxbox as my first windowmanager.  With
the current build this has become "unpleasant" - I thought that the
icon in the top left corner used to bring up a menu for things like
moving a window to another desktop (or 'workspace' in fluxbox
terms), but it now seems to do nothing (although I've managed to get
my initial urxvt term on all 4 desktops).  But the real problem is
that it has suddenly become painful to move windows (so far, only
attempted with glxgears and urxvt):

Some themes I've used in the past have had four icons at top right
of the titlebar, with the first rolling up the window so that only
the titlebar is visible.  But I'm using a "regular" theme with just
iconify / maximize / close.  If I try to drag the titlebar, the
window rolls up and the only way to get it back is to click on
maximize twice (first to maximize, second click to restore to
unmaximized i.e. normal).

This is with the radeon driver, I'm hoping that out of my own build
only fluxbox is affected.

I assume this is fallout from xorg-server-1.20 rather than from

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