Thanks David for replying & I am very sorry for replying so late.
In reply to your mail
> Do you have pciutils installed? Please run (/usr/sbin/)lspci -v |grep
> VGA and post the result here.
I have not installed pciutils till now. Is that important to install before 
running XORG?

> Is kernel module for your card loaded? (lsmod)
Output of the lsmod is in the attachments kindly have a look.

> Your log files look way too short.
whom ever i have showed my log they also have said this only but I don't know 
any thing about it.
> Do you have needed configuration in kernel?> Is udev running properly?
I have installed the UDEV from LFS book but not from the BLFS book. Should I 
install UDEV from BLFS book also.

sorry i forgot to attach the file in my last mail
PLEASE HELP!                                      

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