Is it a real hardware laptop?

vesafb is module for a simple frame buffer,
fglrx is closed source AMD driver.

For fglrx you should configure Xorg using vendor tool packed with
driver package - fglrxconfig.
For modern AMD driver it is called aticonfig.

If it is laptop with two graphics cards you maybe will need PRIME or
Bumblebee for switching it if it is not selectable in BIOS/UEFI.

Could you please try an open source driver (xf86-video-ati)? Before
you need to uninstall fglrx driver and restore all back to state
before its installation.
In system without packaging system installation of binary blob &co.
can do not easily revert able changes.

Regards, David.


2014-03-25 19:07 GMT+01:00 Prasad Kumbhar <>:
>  Thanks David for replying & I am very sorry for replying so late.
> In reply to your mail
>> Do you have pciutils installed? Please run (/usr/sbin/)lspci -v |grep
>> VGA and post the result here.
> I have not installed pciutils till now. Is that important to install before
> running XORG?
>> Is kernel module for your card loaded? (lsmod)
> Output of the lsmod is in the attachments kindly have a look.
>> Your log files look way too short.
> whom ever i have showed my log they also have said this only but I don't
> know any thing about it.
>> Do you have needed configuration in kernel?
>> Is udev running properly?
> I have installed the UDEV from LFS book but not from the BLFS book. Should I
> install UDEV from BLFS book also.
> sorry i forgot to attach the file in my last mail
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