On Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 03:41:16AM +0100, lux-integ wrote:
> openssl is a package one generally installs  early in the distribution-build 
> process.   To upgrade to say openssl-1.0.1g    
> --(a)  does one need to yank out the old say openssl-1.0.1 and install the 
> new 
> 1,0,1g and if so would there not be breakages?  OR
> --(b) can one install openssl-1.0.1g over the old version  of  say  
> openssl-1.0.1 ?
> advice from anyone on list will be much appreciated

 With the instructions used in recent versions of BLFS (in
particular, shared libraries), just drop it over the top.  If you
are _serving_ anything which links to openssl then you will need to
bounce those services (i.e. stop them and restart them).  For a
desktop, I guess that closing the browser(s) and reopening those
should be sufficient.

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