I have never used LibreOffice  ( I m still stuck wiht an old  BLFS build with 
openoffice-3.something  )  I am about to upgrade to  libreoffice-4.2.2
 (  )

I noticed  the above blfs recipe has these switches

--disable-postgresql-sdbc   \

I use openoffice   connected to postgresql database  via jdbc.   

I would  like to know if  java and  jdbc   connectors are problems for 
libreOffice and if  not what is the best metnod for  compiling libreoffice so 
that java (Openjdk7 ) and latest versions of posrgresql-jdbc are supported.

The above link also  recommends    compiling  for postgresql support with the 
--with-system-postgresql switch     My 'system' posrgresql   is in /usr/local,  
so  is there a way of setting pgsql's   absolute path  for libreOffice to 

Thanks in advance

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