On Mon, Apr 14, 2014 at 06:22:54AM +1000, Ian Macdonald wrote:
> Hi,
> I am trying to build rpcbind-0.2.1 from the current book but make fails
> with undefined references to
>       key_encryptsessions_pk
>       key_gendes
>       cbc_crypt
>       ecb_crypt
>       getnetname
>       getpublickey
> all from libtirpc.
> libtirpc-0.2.4 is installed as per the book with --disable-gssapi.
> It looks like a missing dependency ( encryption related?) and I don't
> need encryption.
> Any hints much appreciated. 
 Google thinks that ecb_crypt comes from glibc, although it is of
course possible that things have changed recently.  Looking to see
what it finds for getpublickey libtirpc took me to
(For some reason, clicking on the direct link from google's results
gave me a formatted page for the list, but with no content.  So I
took a look at the cached version).  The old rpc headers problem.

 If this is not LFS-7.1, perhaps you failed to install the
glibc rpc headers.  See LFS chapter 6 glibc for whichever version
you are using (-enable-obsolete-rpc for LFS-7.5).  We used to go
into detail somewhere in BLFS to ensure that the rpc headers had
been installed (specifically re LFS-7.1), but at the moment I can
not spot where that is.  My reading of your problem is that
libtirpc compiled and installed ok, but rpcbind is failing to link.
I _thought_ libtirpc usually failed to install if the headers were

 Maybe I'm misreading the problem - is this LFS-svn from the last
couple of weeks (it was ok on about 31st March, but conceivably
something in the changes to include systemd might have broken things
although that seems unlikely) ?

 I'm also in awe of "I don't need encryption".  Wish I could share
that sentiment ;-)

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