On Tue, Apr 15, 2014 at 07:35:59AM +1000, Ian Macdonald wrote:
> Ken, 
> That seems to be the problem. My LFS build is 7.4 and the glibc-2.18 configure
> options did not include --enable-obsolete-rpc (but did copy the headers to 
> /usr/include).
> I'm guessing that means libtirpc installs because the headers were there but 
> they are not compiled into glibc.

 My memory says that --enable-obsolete-rpc is just a quick and easy
way of copying the headers :-(
> My question now is: Is it safe to re-build glibc-2.18 with the 
> --enable-obsolete-rpc
> option or do I have to build L(FS)(FS)?

 I don't think rebuilding glibc will help, and I'm not sure if the
option exists in glibc-2.18.

 My first thought was to point you to the 7.4 BLFS book, which used
0.2.3 :

 But I've now looked at my own git commits for the buildscripts I
use.  I see that I only updated to libtirpc-0.2.4 in February, as
part of a catch-up to what was already in BLFS.  Looking at the
diff, I see that BLFS has moved libtirpc.so to /lib and created a
versioned symlink from /usr/lib.  I guess that you have a problem
with the symlink ;-) [ I've lost count of the number of times _I_
create broken symlinks in my own builds. ]

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