On Wed, Apr 16, 2014 at 11:45:19PM +0100, Ken Moffat wrote:
>  Anybody here using audacity ?  If so, do you have any idea what the
> secret is for making the local help show up, please ?
>  I've downloaded audacity-manual-2.0.5.zip and installed it (help/
> directory) in /usr/share/audacity, but firing up the program still
> fails to open it.  I suspect that I maybe need to do something to
> set a default browser, or perhaps set a symlink for mozilla [ I only
> recently stopped doing that, nothing I then used needed it ] but at
> the moment I'm clueless.  The strace output from starting audacity
> and trying to open the help/manual is large and I don't know what
> I'm looking for :-(
> ĸen

 Got a hint at almost 36000 lines into the strace output - it tried
to stat xdg-open, then went swanning off through mime types,
defaults.list, mimeapps.list [ don't think I've got any of those
last two ], and then for some reason it seemed to read all my
.desktop files.  Adding xdg-utils has fixed it for me (the quick help
and the manual now open in firefox).  Not sure if that is because of
something I've done in the past to set up firefox as my default
browser (~/ is shared between each LFS/BLFS system I build on this
box) : I tried interrogating xdg-settings, but just got:

ken@ac4tv ~ $xdg-settings get default-web-browser
xdg-settings: unknown desktop environment

which is true (I don't have a DE) but not useful.  For me, the
problem is now solved.  For anyone else who gets this problem, YMMV.

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