On Thu, Apr 17, 2014 at 02:48:36PM -0500, Douglas R. Reno wrote:
> Are there any specific dependencies for Audacity that aren't generic
> (Generic being GTK or QT)? I use it all the time on my Windows PC but now
> that I know it exists for Linux I am interested on trying it on my LFS box.
> Douglas Reno

 Oh yes, at least two ;-)

 Please bare in mind that I've already got a _fat_ set of audio tools
for handling old things (including mp3, ogg) and for dealing with flac
files.  I'm trying to use audacity to edit some rips from vinyl so
that I can stream them - got a Tascam DR-05 [ none of the reviews
mentioned the external input is at microphone level, and my preamp
puts out about 1V on the tape outputs - fortunately I've got a spare
second output for a power amp which is usable at normal levels ].
So, I don't intend to use audacity for recording, and along the way
I'm pulling in things that might not be necessary or indeed useful
to me (everything will be wav or flac), such as libid3tag.

 According to the audacity website, it needs wxwidgets (wxGTK) and
libsndfile, and recommends libsoxr.  In practice, what it actually
needs is the 2.8 version of wxpython : wxPython-src-
Gentoo say:
# we use the wxPython tarballs because they include the full wxGTK
# sources and
# docs, and are released more frequently than wxGTK.

 From wxpython at sourceforge.

 My build is based on gentoo, with one addition :
./configure --prefix=/usr \
 --with-opengl \
 --enable-graphics_ctx \
 --with-regex=builtin \
 --with-libpng=sys \
 --with-libjpeg=sys \
 --with-libtiff=sys \
 --with-sdl \
 --enable-shared \

 Comments on some of these:
--with-opengl : is for Mesa.
--enable-graphics_ctx : found that used at Arch, it is a 2D drawing
library, might be useful.
--with-sdl : apparently SDL provides the audio on unix systems using
wxgtk, so probably needed for audacity to be able to play things,
and is in BLFS.

 Follow by make && make install && ldconfig (the install output says
that is needed on linux).

 libsndfile is in BLFS.

 libsoxr : soxr-0.1.1-source from soxr at sourceforge - requires

 I take the opportunity to link to libavcodec from current ffmpeg
(which pulls in a shed-load of other AV libs used by my ffmpeg
builds).  So, I'm running
 -DDOC_INSTALL_DIR=/usr/share/doc/soxr-0.1.1 \
 -Wno-dev ..
followed by make && make test && make install

 I _suppose_ that I could have gone with the version shipped in
audacity, since nothing else is liekly to use it.

 Audacity is old (I don't mean that the current release is
especially old, more that the 2.0 series started a long time ago -
not only does it require a very old version of wxgtk, it can only
build against versions of ffmpeg < 1.0.  At one time, I tried
putting a maintained old ffmpeg in /opt for transcode - but that was
always a PITA, and now we patch transcode to let its critical tool
work.  So for this, I don't try to link audacity against ffmpeg - if
I ever have need of ffmpeg, I'll use that separately.

 The sources are audacity-minsrc-2.0.5 and

 I'm using the following from the versions shipped with audacity -
libnyquist, libvamp, portsmf, sbsms.  Please note that soundtouch is
NOT shipped with audacity, despite what the docs say, and that if
you enable libsamplerate the preferred libsoxr will be disabled.

 I've configured with
./configure --prefix=/usr --docdir=/usr/share/doc/audacity-2.0.5 \
 --with-libsndfile=system \
 --with-expat=system \
 --with-libsoxr=system \
 --with-libvorbis \
 --with-libmad \
 --with-libflac \
 --with-libid3tag \
 --with-sbsms \
 --with-soundtouch \
 --with-ffmpeg=no \

 The docdir is not particularly important (just LICENSE.txt and
README.txt), but since the manual is version-specific I also install
it there and symlink it from /usr/share/audacity/help.

 I don't use the thing known as pulse, no idea  if it can be used
(and no interest in it).  I do know that jack can be used, but that
is more than I need.

 For what I'm doing libflac may be useful, the other AV libs maybe

 I see that I've still got --with-soundtouch : that gives me -

configure: Libsoundtouch libraries are NOT available as system libraries
checking for ./lib-src/soundtouch/include/SoundTouch.h... no
configure: libsoundtouch libraries are NOT available in the local tree

but it didn't break the build.  Guess I'll drop that switch.  The
package is in BLFS, but I don't have any obvious reason to use it.

 Actually, configure didn't recognize at least one of my options - I
didn't spot that earlier, and I've no idea which it dislikes.  Ah,
that is only reported in the lib-widget-extra directory, and that has
picked up --with-wx-config [ unterminated - in another directory it
got =/usr/bin/wx-config ] : looks like a configure bug.

 Follow with make && make install.  'make check' exists, but tries to
run "make -C tst check" and the tst directory doesn't exist for me -
perhaps it needs to be told to create it, no idea.

 The docs, as noted, unzip as a help/ directory and it looks for
that in /usr/share.
 Apparently there are nightly builds of audacity, at least for the
non-free systems - I haven't looked at those, so I've no idea if
they use different versions of things but I suspect they do not.

 For anyone comparing this to other distros such as gentoo or arch,
note that the following are the defaults in audacity:
--enable-unicode, --enable-nyquist, --with-libvamp.

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