I am trying to build portmidi  
( )
on a machine with these:-
--os BLFS linux-3.10.37, openjdk-1.7
--cpu amd64 gcc-4.8.1

It uses cmake and reaches 93 percent and ends with this
javac : file not found pmdefaults/

It is not a PATH issue the problem persists if I do
export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH

And  if I test  with 'bash javac' and 'which javac'  this results:-

linteg [ ~ ]# bash javac
/opt/jdk/bin/javac: /opt/jdk/bin/javac: cannot execute binary file
linteg [ ~ ]# which  javac
linteg [ ~ ]# 

I am unsure if /opt/jdk/bin/javac: cannot execute binary file
means there is a file permissions problem.

Advce would be appreciated.

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