On Friday 25 April 2014 00:43:27 Bruce Dubbs wrote:

> linux-3.10.37?  Typo?  3.10.7?
> > It uses cmake and reaches 93 percent and ends with this
> > #-----------
> > javac : file not found pmdefaults/PmDefaults.java
> > #-----------
> I think you need to set CLASSPATH
I did (but forgot to mention )  I did  this
export CLASSPATH=/opt/jdk/bin:$CLASSPATH
but the problem persisted

I wondered if this line 

> > javac : file not found pmdefaults/PmDefaults.java
was telling us something. as  pmdefaults is  a subdirectory of pm_java in 
the source tree and the top CMakeLists.txt has this line
include_directories(pm_common  porttime )
I.E.  no pm_java.

  I thought eureka so I amended this line to read

include_directories(pm_common  porttime pm_java )
( the build still failed at 93% with the same error

I thought I am using out-of-source-tree-build so I will set full path so the 
line becomes
include_directories(${CMAKE_SOURCE_DIR}/{pm_common,porttime,pm_java} )
-same outcome
I m stumped

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