I did install full KDE with Plasma on my notebook according to the
development version of BLS-systemd book. Everything is working fine except
of couple of issues. One of those is that I am not able to unlock screen
using my user ID and password if screen has been locked after period of
inactivity. I am sure that I enter my password correctly but unlock is
failed. journalctl output is following:
hp-ved-lfs kcheckpass[26804]: pam_warn(kde:auth):
function=[pam_sm_authenticate] flags=0 service=[kde] terminal=[:0]
user=[ved] ruser=[<unknown>] rhost=[<unknown>]
hp-ved-lfs kcheckpass[26804]: Authentication failure for ved (invoked by
uid 1000)
"ved" is my user ID.
I believe that some PAM configuration is incorrect but I do not know  what
I have to debug and to change and I am asking for community help.
Nevertheless, to unlock my plasma session I have to go to another terminal
as root and use "loginctl unlock-sessions" command. This is a workaround
but not a solution.


I am sending this message for the second time. My first message did not a
appeared in the archive. Probably, Majordomo considered it as spam but I do
not know why.
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