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Vladislav Dembskiy wrote:
I did install full KDE with Plasma on my notebook according to the
development version of BLS-systemd book. Everything is working fine except
of couple of issues. One of those is that I am not able to unlock screen
using my user ID and password if screen has been locked after period of
inactivity. I am sure that I enter my password correctly but unlock is
failed. journalctl output is following:
hp-ved-lfs kcheckpass[26804]: pam_warn(kde:auth):
function=[pam_sm_authenticate] flags=0 service=[kde] terminal=[:0]
user=[ved] ruser=[<unknown>] rhost=[<unknown>]
hp-ved-lfs kcheckpass[26804]: Authentication failure for ved (invoked by
uid 1000)
"ved" is my user ID.
I believe that some PAM configuration is incorrect but I do not know what
I have to debug and to change and I am asking for community help.
Nevertheless, to unlock my plasma session I have to go to another terminal
as root and use "loginctl unlock-sessions" command. This is a workaround
but not a solution.


I am sending this message for the second time. My first message did not a appeared in the archive. Probably, Majordomo considered it as spam but I do
not know why.

We don't use majordomo, we use mailman. In any case, this message was delivered.

We'll have to investigate the screen unlocking. You appear using the systemd version of the book. I don't think the problem occurs in the sysv version but I'll have to double check.

  -- Bruce


I just encountered exactly the same problem with current sysv version of BLFS book. I solved the screen unlocking problem adding in /etc/pam.d the same configuration files as for kde4 => see http://www.linuxfromscratch.org/blfs/view/7.9/kde/kde-workspace.html for instance.

I think this should be added in the book.


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