On Tue, Mar 06, 2018 at 02:49:08PM +0100, René Nyffenegger wrote:
> I am looking for a hint how I can have sound with firefox (youtube).
> First, I test if audio is available at all:
>     speaker-test
> The expected noise is emitted by the card.
> I then start dbus
>     eval $(dbus-launch)
> and pulseaudio
>     pulseaudio -C &
> and finally
>     firefox &
> When I navigate to youtube to watch a movie, the speaker stays silent and
> firefox notifies me with "To play audio, you may need to install the
> required PulseAudio software."

That suggests that pulse is NOT running.

> Is there something I can do to find the cause of this?

First, look at the pulseaudio page in the current books (8.2 or
recent svn) in the Configuration Information section.

Second, look at the Configuration Information section for firefox,
particularly the pulseaudio part.  And confirm that pulseaudio is
indeed running (sometimes it stops, looking at the log information
might occasionally show something useful).

As the firefox page says, sometimes these fixes do not work.  I've
tested these steps on perhaps 9 systems across 4 machines (some
latest, some older - on one or two I could not get sound from
firefox with pulse).  One system was running sddm - if I used xfce,
pulse started and sound worked.  If I didn't run a desktop
environment and and started pulse manually, sound worked.  But if I
tried using the config files sddm is supposed to reference I could
not get pulse to run.  Fortunately, we have now withdrawn sddm from
the book for other reasons.  On one slightly older system (where a
current system on the same machine, with shared ~/.xinitrc from
which I start pulse works), no sound in firefox with pulse.

Summary: although pulse nowadays usually works, the overall system
is still fragile.  If anybody has any further suggestions for
getting pulse to work reliably with firefox, please speak up!.

At the moment alsa is still recognized as an option, but I don't
know if that will continue.

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