On -dev, a reply from Thanos about my current problem with rust
showed he was using systemd (I'm using sysv) and getting core dumps
during the tests.

It looks as if core dumps might be useful for working out why
invalid opcodes were present (based on my experience with rust I say
'might' rather than 'will'), but I haven't managed to get any so

I'm building as root (inter-alia, for rust it saves the installer
(root) downloading .cargo files and then compiling) and googling
suggested that the following ought to work:

ulimit -c unlimited
mkdir -p /var/log/dumps
chmod -R 1777 /var/log/dumps
echo “/var/log/dumps/core.%e.%p” > /proc/sys/kernel/core_pattern

But on my first attempt there were no core files in that directory.
Any suggestions ?

ĸen, currently trying a different approach to the tests, but
expecting the box to reboot at any moment.
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