On 04/10/2018 04:21 PM, Stephen Berman wrote:

The help2man Perl script was installed with lsb-release-1.4; this
version is from 2000 and indeed lacks `help-option'.  This appears to be
a bug in BLFS 8.2.

Yes, we need to address this.  We haven't had time yet.

In the development version if BLFS help2man is an optional dependency of
pango with an external link to the GNU ftp server.  So I downloaded the
latest version of help2man from there (help2man-1.47.6 from February 28,
2018) and this version does have that option.  Then I replaced the old
version with the new one and rebuilt pango, but it failed again:

So can pango be built with help2man and if so, how, and why did it fail
as above?

Try removing help2man completely. The link creates a binary executable and the lsb-release version is a perl script. Make sure both are removed and also check /usr/lib/pkgconfig.

  -- Bruce
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