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> On 04/10/2018 04:21 PM, Stephen Berman wrote:
>> The help2man Perl script was installed with lsb-release-1.4; this
>> version is from 2000 and indeed lacks `help-option'.  This appears to be
>> a bug in BLFS 8.2.
> Yes, we need to address this.  We haven't had time yet.


>> In the development version if BLFS help2man is an optional dependency of
>> pango with an external link to the GNU ftp server.  So I downloaded the
>> latest version of help2man from there (help2man-1.47.6 from February 28,
>> 2018) and this version does have that option.  Then I replaced the old
>> version with the new one and rebuilt pango, but it failed again:
>> So can pango be built with help2man and if so, how, and why did it fail
>> as above?
> Try removing help2man completely.  The link creates a binary executable and
> the lsb-release version is a perl script.  Make sure both are removed and also
> check /usr/lib/pkgconfig.

While removing help2man is a workaround (as I noted in my previous
post), I just did configure --prefix=/usr && make && make install on
help2man-1.47.6 and it installed the Perl script to /usr/bin, not a
binary executable.  Then I went ahead and rebuilt pango-1.40.14, and
this time it succeeded.  What I had done before was to more or less
blindly copy the file help2man.PL from the help2man-1.47.6 source
directory to /usr/bin, thinking it was the help2man script; but it's
actually a self-extracting script which needs to be run to install the
help2man script, that's why it didn't work as I had expected.  So one
way to fix the Pango build for BLFS is to make it depend on this (or
a sufficiently recent) version of help2man.

Steve Berman
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