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Now that I've got my shiny new LFS system up and running, and I've installed a pile of BLFS software in chroot, but don't have X running, I'd like some hints on streamlining the process of installing software via Lynx.

Unfortunately, my hard drive that contained a lot of helpful hints from when I last played with LFS 2 1/2 years ago went belly up a couple of years ago, and I've forgotten many of the hints that were on that drive. Here's what I remember:

In the Linux console I believe there is a way to switch between two or more independent windows, so that you can have a program running in each. This facilitates, say, looking at the BLFS book in Lynx in one window, and installing the software in another. How do you switch windows?

I know that on startup Linux records some log files, including what is output to the console. Where can I find them?

A couple of days ago Bruce Dubbs gave me a link to some hints on transitioning from LFS to BLSF. Good stuff!

Any other helpful hints?

Thanks in advance!


I just have SSH running, and log in from another machine so you have multiple screens on the same window, and much easier to cut & paste commands.

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