Hi Dark,


Much appreciated  for that , I did take a look at the FAQ section, but think I 
was looking at the audiogames.net one , rather than the forum which is why I 
didn’t see this. Thanks for the help though I’ll post to the 
introductions/restrictions to get it removed




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No need for a contact address


Your question is answered here: 



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So I don’t often use the audio games forum and haven’t logged in for a while, 
I’ve had to reset my password which all went fine, but my account has a 
restricted status on it for some reason so I can’t reply to topics, not sure if 
the restricted status is because I haven’t used it in a few years. I’ve looked 
all over the forum website but can’t seem to find a contact email address for 
the owners/admins. Does anyone have an email address I can use to contact audio 
games.net to have  them take a look at the issue for me.


Thanks in advance for any help




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