Not as yet.

I believe Aprone is working on a restaurant management sim which we might see at some point, revelation involves lots of recipes some of which re cooking based, and as part of Parkboss you can setup snack stands, but that is about it in the world of audiogames.

There are however lots of muds and several browser games which feature cooking, some of it fairly in depth cooking as an activity, though none concentrate on cooking specifically.

off the top of my head Kingdom of loathing and metroplexity both have cooking and coctail crafting as major parts of their rp ethos, while the creature rpg puppet nightmares lets you make recipes to feed to your soul puppets and even has a major quest chain where you work for a chef.

Gates of survival has cooking as an activity, but the access on that one is a little iffy.

Mud wise, many of the crafting and survival muds such as Clok and lament have cooking, and I believe alteraeon is just introducing it too.

Flexible survival also has cooking recipes as parts of the general crafting.

i know these aren't exactly what your looking for but these are thus far the best examples of games with cooking in that I can think of.


All the best,

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In the mainstream video game world, there are games like Cooking Mama
and Burger Time. I was wondering if there were any audio-based games
with a food/cooking theme.

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