I thaught they went offline long ago. Didn't have much there either, but yes, sorry to see them leaving... ----- Original Message ----- From: "Shaun Everiss" <sm.ever...@gmail.com>
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Sent: Thursday, May 17, 2018 2:42 AM
Subject: [blind-gamers] end of an era

Hi all.

No doubt you have seen it on twitter allready but klango is going offline.

It like the zone wasn't much full of spam and its issues but it was one of the old networks well its going.

All sources are archived, and all media data is archived for future release.

The rest is going.

If you think you want a memmory or think you have something left behind on there to remember you are strongly encouraged to login to the site before the 24th of may, go to settings and get a zipped data export.

For me personally klango wasn't much I can't say I played round much, I did fiddle with sound schemes, games, a few groups, but I was only just starting to come into my own.

I have precious data to look at no blog, a few forum posts of nothing noteworthy and some pms of which I never checked.

Still if you have something left on the old world you have a few days before the vogons come.

Unlike the hitch hikers guide you have at least 4-5 days before it goes, so you should pickup your stuff.

www.klango.net/theend.html is the page where its noted to.

No need to go looking through basements for plans.

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