Allan.  My wife uses these primarily for carrying the hot baskets into the 

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I would be more afraid that it would promote carelessness instead but other 
then that, I actually have a set of these that came with my rotisserie.  I 
use them for roasts but not on the grill.


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Grill Glove - The Ultimate Grilling Gloves

Make your Cookouts Easier and More Fun with the Grill Glove!

Buy One Grill Glove & Get One Free!

Grill glove product 2
Introducing the fabulous Grill Glove!  Do you love to grill, but tired of 
having your efforts frustrated by clumsy tongs and rusty utensils?   The 
heat resistant Grill Glove puts the cooking power of the grill in the palm 
of your hand.  The Grill Glove is made of 100% food grade silicone so you 
grab your grub right off the grill.  Flip hamburgers, hot dogs and steaks 
with ease.  The Grill Glove is designed to give you the perfect grip for 

Use the Grill Glove For:
. Skewers & Kabobs
. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, & Steaks
. Baked Potatoes or Corn on the Cob
. Flip Entire Roasts, Briskets. Even a Rack of Ribs

The Grill Glove resist temperature up to 500 degrees, making it perfect for 
handling hot baked potatoes and more.  The built in flame deflection 
doubles the surface area...protecting your hand longer.'s 
waterproof!  You can grab an egg right out of a boiling pot of water and not 
feel a
thing!  It will be super for your next lobster boil!

Grill glove product
The Grill Glove Features:
. Waterproof
. 100% Food Grade Silicone
. Flame Deflection Technology
. 5 Finger Design for Easy Gripping

Regular, old fashioned oven mitts burn, char and get crusty.  But the Grill 
Glove resists high temperatures, so even if you touch the flames, you won't
get burned.  And it's dishwasher safe, too!

The Grill Glove Benefits:
. More Sanitary
. Dishwasher Safe
. Resists Temperatures Up to 500ºF
. Protects Longer Than Standard Oven Mitts

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